Cookies and Donuts

Donut Diaries and Cookie Craziness

Doughnuts (yes that’s how it’s spelled) have an extremely exciting origin starting off as a pastry for travel by a ship captain in the 19th century. Fable goes that the doughnut got it’s hole in the middle when the captain skewered the doughnut on the ship’s wheel as he needed to keep his hands free to steer the ship in a storm !! Necessity is truly the mother of invention, right ? Like most desserts, there are several techniques and methods to make Donuts. Each country that it traveled to brought about new variants. Donuts could be baked as well as fried, and both taste as delicious as the other. After all, that is probably what made Homer Simpson even sell his soul to get a doughnut in one of the hilarious episodes… D’Oh! Both Doughnuts and Cookies are recipes that evolved to satisfy the craving for cakes and pastries, and also be carried on a long journey. Cookies are usually the perfect snack for all ages. Kids love it with their milk, adults love it with their tea or coffee. It would be hard to find a household which does not stock up on cookies or biscuits as they are commonly known in our country. There are 100s of varieties of cookies – baked, crisp, soft and no-bake. As we get more and more health conscious, there are many interesting variants of cookies that have become popular such as cookies made using whole-wheat flour or Oats Cinnamon cookies.

Cookies and Donuts Class

Attend our cookies and donuts class to learn easy recipes for these delectable desserts and feel none less than a Masterchef yourself. We cover all recipes with hands-on learning techniques in just 3 to 4 hours. Eggless recipes are possible too. You get to treat your family and friends on samples that you take home as well.

  • Vanilla Butter Cookies
  • Chocolate Walnut Cookies
  • Oats Cinnamon Cookies
  • Chocochip Cookies
  • Mulberry Coconut Rings
  • Baked and Fried Donuts
  • Donut Toppings – Chocolate and Sugar
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