Divine Desserts

One of our most popular desserts class is Divine Desserts. Learn to make a variety of delectable desserts in just 3 – 4 hours. All recipes are eggless. These desserts are guaranteed to make you very popular with your family & friends! The Oreo cheesecake recipe is our personal favourite.

Recipe list for Divine desserts class

  • Oreo Cookie Cheesecake
  • Apple Pie
  • Banoffee Pie
  • Fresh Fruit Mousse (Seasonal fruits – Strawberry / Mango / others)
  • Chocolate Cups

No-Bake Cakes and Desserts

The day when the summer heat beats down on us and yet we want to whip up a delicious cake, the thought of a hot oven blazing in the house can be unpleasant. However, to our rescue come a whole wide world of no-bake cakes and no-bake desserts. “No-bake”? Yes, these desserts do not require baking and the recipes actually ask us to freeze at various stages to set the dessert instead of baking. No-bake desserts are perfect to beat the heat and super-easy at the same time. The most popular no-bake desserts are cheesecakes, puddings, mousse, soufflés, pies, ice cream and ice cream cakes. Banoffee Pie is one such no-bake pie which is actually served as a breakfast dessert in the UK as it has so many bananas in it! The use of everyday common items from the kitchen to some of these recipes is quite creative – such as Oreo cookies in the cheesecake recipe or making tart-like cups from chocolate instead of baking flour. Since these recipes do not require handling of an oven, they are perfect to kindle interest in kids about baking. No-bake cakes and desserts are kid-friendly – both to make and to eat. One can involve children while making these desserts, it would surely get them excited about the upcoming meal and dinner plates would be no doubt scraped clean. Do check out our Assorted Desserts section as well for more No-bake desserts.

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